About Wayward Martian Games
Mostly it's so Wayward can put all her dollmakers in one place instead of having to hunt for them across her other sites.

Most of the games are based on Wayward's webcomic Harbourmaster. Others are based on fandoms Wayward is into, which usually means Transformers of one generation or another.


What Can I Do With My Doll?
We are totally cool with you saving your dolls ( some have Save buttons for easy download, most you have to hit the PrtSc key and copy the screencap to your graphics program of choice, ) creating icons or avatars from them, showing them off at DevArt or wherever, we just want credit and a linkback to the game. Linkbacks can connect to the game on this site or at Wayward's DevArt.

We are not cool with you claiming the art as your own or trying to make money off it.


What's With The Game Titles?
Wayward is weirdly fussy about keeping track of which game does what and titles them thusly:

Basic: A palette-swapper. There may be tattoos, items, and backgrounds, but the primary doll customisation is just changing the colours of the figure. It may or may not be based on a specific character.

Complicated: The upgrade of Basic - primarily a palette-swapper but with more options, such as changeable colour arrangements or alterable bodies. It may or may not be based on a specific character.

Closet: A clothing game for a specific character.

Customisable: The upgrade of Closet - a clothing game based on a specific character but there are genetics and colour options so it can be played either as 'create a new outfit for Character' or 'design an OC'.


About Wayward
Wayward makes dollmakers because she is addicted to playing dollmaker games and spends far too much time designing wardrobes for her characters. Somehow she decided that learning Flash and spending weeks drawing and programming dress-up games was the easy way to create outfits for them. Somehow this also includes 'repaint robots for quick OC reference'.

Wayward is a giant bee. Sometimes she is a robot bee. Wayward does not take requests.