Not much to look at but the games all work. Have at it.

Latest game: Customisable Knave

Harbourmaster Dollmakers

Customisable Tal

Customisable Gilou

Custom. Monteblanc (M)

Customisable Zefonith

Complicated Entomorph

Customisable Jendolyn

Customisable Anthemys

Basic Entomorph

Nephos' Closet

Tal's Closet

Gilou's Closet

Fandom Dollmakers

(OC) Thundercats:
Customisable Knave

Transformers G1:
Basic Seeker 2

Transformers G1:
Complicated Seeker

Transformers Energon:
Complicated Arielbot

TF Beast Wars:
Basic Pteranodonformer

Customisable Chilla

Transformers G1:
Basic Seeker

Critter Builders

Complicated Fish

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The fan games are all completely unofficial, the franchises belonging to their respective owners. The respective owners are credited in the games themselves.